2016-08-30 15:02:42 by newgamingspies

Here's my Tumblr page, guys! Please check it out. I've got my animation updates over there.



and my Youtube page: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCo1kiRgxgO-60ZYWBFZJgIw 


A new club!

2015-09-01 09:37:41 by newgamingspies

Hello everybody! newgamingspies here. I just wanted to give an announcement that I've made a new club in the "Clubs and Groups" community board, which is all about Anime studio. Yh, I really love that software and I believe it'll give me a broader view in animation (plus, I think it makes animation quicker and easier...for me).So please make it a point to check out Anime Studio and tell me what  you think about ...btw, I'm not their salesperson or whatever...I just like the software... Anyway, bye! oh, almost forgot...here's the link! http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1397331

Hi guys, and Id like to thank you for reading my first post...I actually have no iodea how this works...or maybe I do...whatever. Anyway, I'd like to present to you a work I did in 2 days (1 and a half days technically...). I was sitting on my pc trying to figure out what to...then I was "given" an idea to do a recreation of a music video(...since I haven't got any microphone around...), and I choose Megan Trainor's Lips Are Moving (currently listening to it whilst typing this...). I made it in a South Park Style. I've uploaded it to my Dumping Grounds (Link : http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/6a8b2084a21f17c5f7e5c26555eb7a50 ). I'll try to upload it directly to the Movie Portal but I'm scared it won't get views...help. But anyway, I'll try, so if it gets pulled, at least there's the Dumping Grounds...So...ENJOY!!!